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TheeDigital Launched Our Award-Winning Website

We're super excited to launch our brand new, award-winning website thanks to TheeDigital!

We are excited to welcome you to our new website created by the award-winning web design company, TheeDigital. We wanted a new website that was a step above the competition by using the latest website design trends.

We wanted to compliment our Wellis USA website with a unique website specifically designed to serve the Raleigh area. Our main goal was to provide you with an incredible experience that makes the hot tub buying process relaxing and easy in Raleigh, as it should be. We want you to be able to easily navigate and browse our high quality hot tub and swim spas and find the perfect one for your Raleigh home. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

This new website was built on WordPress, which makes updating and maintaining our spa website quick and easily. That gives us more time to support you, and makes it easy to continually add new media and information to keep you up to date on the latest news and useful spa information.

An Incredible User Experience

When we sat down with the experts at TheeDigital to discuss the changes we wanted for our website, we pictured an attractive and modern design that provides an incredible user experience. We also wanted the website to be responsive, which means that whether you're on a phone, tablet, laptop, our website will make it easy to find the information you're looking for.

Our Online Store Meets the Latest ADA Compliance Regulations

It was important to us that our web shop would be accessible by anyone visiting our website regardless any disabilities. TheeDigital utilized ADA Compliance Monitor to maintain our website's accessibility automatically. This means we’re always up to standards regardless of website updates and changes that are made over time.

Easy Updates for Accurate, Up-to-Date Info

Wellis Hot Tubs in Raleigh is always changing. From brand new product lines, special deals and new helpful content. That means our website needs to be easy to work on so we could do it ourselves. WordPress makes it so we can update our products, product details and create new blogs without needing a developer.

The team at TheeDigital gave us a walkthrough of everything we need to know, making sure we were comfortable making the changes on our website. We love how simple it is to make changes and have more time for our customers because of how quick it is

Search Engine Optimization

We want to remain competitive and continue to grow our services. It's important that people can easily find the best hot tubs and swim spas in Raleigh. That's why TheeDigital built our website with SEO friendly features like fast load times and a mobile-friendly design.

Advanced Media Sharing

One of the most important aspects of our website are the ability to share lifelike photos with potential customers. With the advanced photo options provided by TheeDigital, we can provide easy to access galleries, including zoomed in shots and more.

An Onsite Blog to Share Information

As mentioned earlier, we want to provide the best possible customer service. While we believe we do an exceptional job at that when you call us, email us or enter our doors, we also want to do that online. That's why we use our on-site blog to share the latest news, industry updates. maintenance tips, and buying guides. Feel free to check out our blog frequently to stay up-to-date!

An Integrated Contact Form

Making it easy for our customers to contact us is extremely important, which is why we have an online contact form. Here you can request information, ask us a question or give feedback without having to open your phone or email. We will receive your information instantly and can respond as soon as possible to give you the information you need. Got a problem, question, or interested in a spa? Contact us.

We Hope You Enjoy

We are very proud of the new Wellis Hot Tubs Raleigh website and hope you enjoy it, too. Thanks to TheeDigital, we were able to take our dream website and make it a reality. We know this will provide our customers with an incredible easily shopping experience and make it easy to find us online.

If you are interested in finding out more about internet marketing and web design for your own website, request a free website audit from TheeDigital.

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