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Should you Buy a Hot Tub at a Home Show or Expo in Raleigh?

Home Shows or Expos are popular in Raleigh, NC, but you should be careful before buying a hot tub from them.

Home shows and expos in Raleigh are popular events where homeowners can gather ideas and inspiration for home improvement projects, meet with industry experts, and explore new products, such as hot tubs. But, should you buy a hot tub at a home show or expo in Raleigh? We’re going to explore the pros and cons of going this route as well as some alternatives so you can make the best decision.

What Can I Expect at a Home Show or Expo?

As vendors showcase their products and services to potential customers, you can expect to find a variety of companies and brands. Often there are interactive displays and live demonstrations that allow businesses to better show off what they have to offer. Seminars and workshops may also be available to learn about specific topics and trends in the home improvement industry.

Home Show vs. Expo: What's the Difference?

Home shows and expos have many similarities, but there are a few things that separate them as well. Home shows typically focus on a broader range of home improvement products and services whereas expos concentrate on a specific niche, such as hot tubs and spas. Both provide opportunities to learn about and purchase hot tubs.

Advantages of Buying a Hot Tub at a Home Show or Expo

There are several reasons why some people lean towards buying a hot tub at a home show or expo.

Special Deals and Discounts

One of the main advantages of buying a hot tub at a home show or expo is the potential for special deals and discounts. When you’re at a home show or expo, you’ll often notice that vendors offer promotions and incentives to attract buyers. Financing options and free accessories are often used as marketing tools to encourage people to buy during these events.

However, it's traditionally true that these discounts are the same or very similar to the discounts available in store. At Wellis Hot Tubs in Raleigh, our best sales are always available in-store, so there's never a need to visit a local home show.

Latest Models and Features

When you attend a home show or expo, you have access to the latest hot tub models and features. Manufacturers often use these events to show off their newest products and design trends.

Access to Industry Experts

Various hot tub manufacturers and dealers attend home shows and expos allowing you to directly speak with them and ask questions.

Compare Brands and Models

With so many different hot tubs under one roof, you can compare hot tubs side by side when you are there. Seeing everything up close and personal can give you a better idea of what you may be buying.

Disadvantages of Buying a Hot Tub at a Home Show or Expo

While there are several advantages to buying a hot tub at a home show or expo, there are also several drawbacks.

The Top Brands May Not Be There

Not every brand will be represented at a home show. It's very common that the highest quality brands are keeping their tubs safe in their brick and mortar stores, while cheaper brands move around from home show to expo to try and make quick sales

Low Quality After Sales Service

If you're buying a hot tub from a home show, don't expect to get the highest quality service afterwards. That's why it's almost always better to choose a local dealer with their own service department so you can be confident your spa will be taken care of should any issues arise.

Impulsive Buying Decisions

When you’re at a home show or expo, you may tend to impulse shop. The excitement and the hype that dealers will present may lead you to make hasty decisions without seeing the big picture.

Pressured Buying

Besides buying items impulsively, you may also feel pressured to take advantage of limited-time deals. If you don’t buy that day, you may feel as though you’ll miss out. This can cause you to not fully evaluate your options and make the best buying decision. 

Crowded Environment

Home shows and expos are crowded events. This can make it difficult to have meaningful conversations with vendors as they try to reach as many customers as possible. While you may get their attention, it may be short-lived if crowds of people come to their booth at the same time.

Alternatives to Buying a Hot Tub at a Home Show or Expo

A home show or expo is certainly not the only place to buy a hot tub. There are several alternatives where you can also find great products and deals.

Local Hot Tub Dealers

Consider visiting local hot tub dealers in Raleigh, NC when you want to buy a hot tub. They can provide personalized service, as well as ongoing support after you make your purchase. You’ll also be in a quieter environment which will allow you to really think about your purchase and make the best decision.

Online Research and Shopping

You can also shop for hot tubs online and do plenty of research about your products. You’ll find detailed information about products online as well as customer reviews. Some manufacturers also provide virtual showrooms. When you shop online, you can do it at your own pace without feeling pressured or getting distracted.

The Bottom Line

While you may be able to get special deals when buying a hot tub at a home show or expo in Raleigh, there are also several drawbacks to consider. You may feel pressured and make impulsive decisions. You may also not get the personalized attention you deserve. 

Seeking out local hot tub dealers and shopping online are both alternatives that can still provide great deals as well as personalized attention and support.. 

F.A.Q. About Buying a Hot Tub at a Home Show or Expo

Can I negotiate prices with vendors at a home show or expo?

Yes! They may be more willing to offer discounts or additional incentives to make a sale during the event.

Is it possible to test hot tubs at home shows and expos? 

Some vendors may have hot tubs filled with water for potential customers to test at home shows and expos. If this is something you want to do, come prepared with a swimsuit and towel if you plan to try out a hot tub during the event.

Do local hot tub dealers offer the same promotions as those at home shows and expos? 

Local hot tub dealers may offer promotions similar to those found at home shows and expos. It's always a good idea to shop around to find the best deals.

Wellis Hot Tubs in Raleigh always provides the best deals to our customers, regardless of whether you're shopping online or in one of our stores.

What should I look for when comparing hot tub models and features? 

Consider factors such as size, seating capacity, jet configuration, energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, and warranty coverage. Look for a hot tub that matches your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

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