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Find out what hot tubs would be best for your family.

In today's busy world filled with countless distractions, it's increasingly difficult for families to find moments of genuine connection. However, a family hot tub provides a haven where each family member can get away from the pressures of daily life and truly interact with one another.

At Wellis®, we recognize the value of family bonding, which is why we are committed to helping you choose the ideal hot tub for your loved ones. Let us assist you in selecting the perfect family hot tubs, and explore our carefully chosen range of hot tubs that are specifically designed to enhance family time in Raleigh, NC. 

How to Select the Best Family Hot Tub

Selecting the right family hot tub promises to be a source of endless relaxation and bonding, offering a personal retreat where memories are made and the stresses of daily life melt away. Here's a few things to consider:

Consider Safety Features

Prioritize safety, especially when children are involved. Seek out amenities such as sturdy covers, steps with good traction, and parts that produce minimal heat. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the safety regulations for using hot tubs, especially when children are present. It's also a good idea to select models with clear temperature displays and easy-to-use controls, enabling a safer and more regulated experience. 

Consider the Size of the Hot Tub

Selecting a hot tub that can suit the size of your family is crucial, as well as making sure that the seating arrangement is comfortable for everyone, with different seat depths and lounge areas to accommodate varying body sizes and preferences. 

Consider Extra Features

To enhance your enjoyment, think about hot tubs with entertainment capabilities such as incorporated speakers, LED lighting, or even cascades. These attributes can enhance the enjoyment of your family's hot tub experience. Furthermore, features like adaptable lighting and integrated audio systems can produce an ambiance that is both enjoyable and calming, catering to different moods and events. 

Benefits of a Hot Tub for Your Family

Promoting Digital-Free Communication

In a time where digital devices often take up a lot of our attention, a hot tub offers a rare chance to disconnect from technology. When family members enter the hot tub, they step away from screens and distractions, allowing for undivided attention and genuine communication. This unplugged setting is essential for strengthening relationships and engaging in more meaningful conversations.

Establishes a Calm Setting

The warmth and buoyancy of the water in a family hot tub creates a naturally soothing environment in your Raleigh backyard. This relaxed atmosphere helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels, making family members more open and receptive to each other. In this peaceful setting, conversations flow more easily, and laughter comes more naturally, improving the quality of time spent together. 

A Regular Practice of Unity

Frequently coming together in the family hot tub can develop into a beloved family tradition, offering a dependable time and location for family members to reconnect, exchange stories, and uplift each other. Whether it's a nightly soak to talk about the day's happenings or a weekly family gathering in the hot tub, this habit becomes a central part of family life, emphasizing the significance of being together. 

Health and Wellness Advantages for Every Age

A family spa is not just a luxury item; it's a center for well-being that offers significant health benefits to every member of the family, no matter their age. Here are three main factors explaining how:

Alleviation of Stress and Promotion of Relaxation

Spas provide a calming atmosphere that helps to decrease stress and encourage relaxation. The warm water and gentle massage jets create a soothing experience, beneficial for the mental and physical health of both adults and children, assisting in better sleep and overall mood enhancement.

Relief for Muscles and Joints

The buoyancy and warmth of spa water can be especially beneficial for easing muscle tension and joint pain. This is especially helpful for older family members who may suffer from arthritis or other age-related pains, as well as for children and adults recuperating from sports or physical activities. 

Hydrotherapy With the Families

Employing a family hot tub for hydrotherapy can be an enjoyable and efficient method for the family to participate in a healthful activity as a group. Hydrotherapy has been proven to enhance blood flow, assist in recovery from injuries, and even provide relief for specific long-term conditions. It's a secure and pleasant approach for the whole family to enhance their physical health. 

Our Picks: The Best Family Hot Tubs on the Market

#1 The Olympus Large Hot Tub

wellis olympus hot tub

Indulge in luxury with the Olympus hot tub by Wellis® Spa, where luxury and comfort come together in a generous layout.

    • Size: The Olympus hot tub can accommodate up to 9 people, perfect for meeting your family’s relaxation needs.

    • Seating: With 7 seats and 2 full-size loungers, the Olympus provides a lavish experience for all family members.

    • Mood-enhancing lighting: Featuring 20 unique LED lights and lighting jets, the Olympus hot tub offers direct underwater mood lighting for a soothing ambiance.

#2 Mont Blanc 7 Person Hot Tub

Mont Blanc Hot Tub for Sale in Raleigh

Enjoy quality time with your family in luxurious comfort with the Mont Blanc Hot Tub, created to provide ample space for your loved ones to come together and unwind.

      • Hydrotherapy Jets: The Mont Blanc boasts an impressive 78 jets, delivering an unparalleled hydrotherapy experience.

      • Lounge Seating: With seating for 7, the Mont Blanc is the ideal setting for the entire family to relax and bond in luxury and comfort.

      • Color Lighting Therapy: Its spacious design also allows for the ultimate WellDome™ foot massage system.

    #3 Vienna Life 7-Person Hot Tub

    Wellis Vienna Hot Tub
    Vienna Hot Tub

    Experience the ultimate in spaciousness and luxury with this open-seating hot tub design. Relax and socialize with loved ones in this high-end hot tub, offering a perfect combination of relaxation and communal enjoyment.

    • Hydrotherapy: Each seat in the hot tub is equipped with a unique jet arrangement, providing hydrotherapy enthusiasts with a diverse massage experience in every seat.
    • Seating: The Vienna Life can comfortably accommodate up to 7 individuals, making it perfect for hosting memorable gatherings with family and friends.
    • Advanced features: Effortlessly control and personalize your hot tub experience with the Smartphone™ app, which includes WiFi connectivity for ultimate convenience and customization.

      Conclusion on the Best Family Hot Tub

      The family hot tubs from Wellis® Spa provide a perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and advanced technology, making them essential for any Raleigh household. Their spacious, therapeutic, and tech-savvy features offer an unparalleled experience for relaxation and social gatherings, ensuring that a Wellis® Spa hot tub is not just a luxury investment, but also a quality investment in family time and wellbeing.

      A family hot tub creates a unique opportunity for families to relax together, away from the distractions of everyday life, fostering closer bonds and shared moments of peace. Moreover, the therapeutic advantages of hydrotherapy can enhance physical and mental wellbeing for all family members. A family hot tub becomes a private oasis, a place for conversation and joy, and a sanctuary for rejuvenation, making it a valuable addition to any home.

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