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Find The Best Large Hot Tubs in Raleigh, NC

Find out what are the best large hot tubs available for sale here in Raleigh, NC.

Are you in the market for the best large hot tubs in Raleigh? Let's simplify the search! Take a look at this guide to locating the top large hot tubs available.

Before you can relax in your own backyard hot tub, you'll need to select the perfect one for your space and preferences. When it comes to choosing a hot tub, there are several important questions to consider. One of the most crucial is: what size hot tub are you interested in? While both small and large hot tubs have their advantages, this article will focus on the top large hot tub options. 

Looking to find the best large hot tubs in Raleigh? We've made it easy.

Advantages of the Large Hot Tubs

The benefits of immersing yourself in a hot tub are undeniable. The comforting warmth of the water, combined with the relaxing jets and your favorite music playing through the speakers, can relieve stress and tension, leaving you feeling renewed and revitalized.

If you are specifically considering the best large hot tubs, it’s important to consider the reasons why you should prioritize these larger options. Whether it’s based on the expertise of our team or the feedback from our satisfied customers, here are some of the reasons why bigger hot tubs might be the preferred choice. 

Increased Comfort

Choosing a spacious hot tub offers a strong incentive in the form of enhanced comfort, as it provides a larger area for relaxation. A bigger hot tub provides plenty of space for stretching out, changing positions, and finding the perfect spot to sit.
This level of comfort is especially attractive for those who enjoy entertaining large groups or spending quality time with loved ones in a cozy setting. With a variety of seating choices, there's no need to compete for space or sacrifice personal comfort, even when entertaining guests. 

More Room for Socializing and Entertainment

Sizeable hot tubs can easily be the main focal point at any event. We're not saying that a party without a hot tub can't be enjoyable, but there's nothing quite like preparing some delicious food on the barbecue, getting your favorite beverage, and relaxing in the spa with your favorite people.

No matter if you are hosting a party by the pool, celebrating a special event, or just relaxing with friends, a roomy hot tub can comfortably accommodate everyone, making every gathering the social highlight of the season. 

Increased # of Jets

Large hot tubs are well-known for their healing properties, from easing muscle aches to improving sleep quality. The top-quality large hot tubs can enhance these benefits by offering a variety of seating options and accommodating multiple massage and hydrotherapy jets.

Additionally, a bigger hot tub means more jets, which can further enhance the healing benefits. This allows you to personalize the experience to focus on specific muscle groups and customize the hydrotherapy treatment according to your individual requirements. 

Flexibility in Temperature Control

Because of the larger amount of water, it take Hot tubs with a bigger size generally provide more options for controlling the temperature. Because of the larger amount of water, it takes more time for it to cool down, and additional ways to control the temperature may be included to make sure the water heats up effectively.

This guarantees a steady and pleasant soaking experience, which is especially advantageous for people living in colder areas or those who use their hot tubs throughout the year. s more time for it to cool down, so additional options for controlling the temperature may be included to make sure the water heats up consistently. This is especially helpful for people living in cold areas or for those who use their hot tubs throughout the year. 

Added Aesthetics and Elegance

The perfect backyard sanctuary would not be complete without the luxurious hot tub of your dreams, and with the advancements in technology and design over the last ten years, it is now easier than ever to find a spa that not only looks fantastic but also feels amazing.

A sizable hot tub has the potential to be a striking focal point in your outdoor area.

In addition to adding a touch of elegance and refinement, the finest large hot tubs can also improve the overall appearance of your backyard or patio.
Many high-end models offer standard or optional features that can take your outdoor space to the next level, such as water features, customizable colored lights, and integrated coolers. 

Increased Property Value

It can be challenging to determine if owning a spa, even a top-of-the-line large hot tub, will actually increase the value of your home. This is because above-ground hot tubs are seen as personal items, not as part of the property itself.

On the other hand, in-ground hot tubs or ones that are built into decks can sometimes help boost the value of your home. A spacious in-ground hot tub could be the feature that makes your property stand out in a competitive real estate market.

The best large hot tubs provide comfort, space, opportunities for socializing, and therapeutic benefits, making them a popular choice for those looking for a high-end soaking experience. Wheter you want to create a gathering place for friends, enhance the look of your outdoor space, or simply enjoy a luxurious getaway, a large hot tub is the perfect way to relax. 

How to Choose the Right Size Hot Tub

If you’re hesitating to begin your search for the top large hot tubs available, it could be beneficial to consider alternative options. Choosing the appropriate size hot tub is essential to make sure it fits your space, meets your needs, and suits your lifestyle. Let’s examine the factors to think about when selecting the right-sized hot tub for your needs. 

Available Space

To start the process of selecting the appropriate hot tub size, it is essential to assess the available area. Take measurements of the space where you intend to place the hot tub, taking into account factors such as accessibility, nearby buildings, and any potential obstacles. It is important to allocate extra space for maintenance and movement around the hot tub, with approximately three feet being the ideal amount. It is advised that the hot tub should be at least five feet away from any structures to minimize the risk of flooding. Consider that you will likely desire some level of privacy when using the hot tub. For creative ideas on how to create privacy around your backyard hot tub, take a look at some of our top picks! 

Number of People

Find out the number of individuals who will usually use the hot tub simultaneously to ensure you have adequate space for the most frequent users. Hot tubs are available in different sizes, from two-person units to bigger options that can accommodate six or more people. Take into account whether you will mainly use it for personal relaxation or for hosting guests and family members. 

Comfort and Relaxation

Choose a size that offers the best comfort and relaxation for your specific needs. Look for features like loungers, contoured seats, and different jet setups to ensure you get the massage experience you want. Make sure there is enough space for everyone to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the hot tub.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the hot tub market with all the different jet configurations and hydrotherapy options available. If you need help determining the ideal number of jets for your needs, a Wellis expert can assist you. 


The prices of hot tubs vary widely, but generally increase with size and the number of features. If you are specifically interested in larger hot tubs, such as a 7-person or 9-person hot tub, the price range will differ. Depending on your preferences, you can expect to spend between $10,000 and $25,000 for your hot tub.

Find out more about the cost of hot tubs. It is important to find a balance between the size that meets your needs and the features that enhance your enjoyment. Research the available options and prioritize features that match your relaxation preferences. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Your outdoor space and home's design should be enhanced by the hot tub. Select a size that blends in well with the overall look. There are a variety of customization options available from different manufacturers, giving you the ability to choose colors, finishes, and cabinet materials that suit your personal style. 

Energy Efficiency

Even though bigger hot tubs may have more seating, they also require higher amounts of energy to heat and keep up. It's important to think about the overall expenses and search for hot tubs that are energy-efficient, have good insulation, and use efficient heating systems to lower energy usage. Be sure to read our article that addresses the frequently asked question, "What is the cost of running a hot tub?" 

Maintenance and Upkeep

Larger hot tubs may demand additional upkeep and cleaning. Make sure you are able to dedicate enough time and resources to properly maintain the size you choose. Keep in mind that a bigger tub will require more water, chemicals, and filter replacements, so take this into consideration when making your decision. 

Future Plans

Consider your future plans. If you expect any changes in your home or way of life, think about how the size of the hot tub will work for these changes. It's best to pick a size that can adjust to your changing needs.

By taking these things into account, you can make a well-informed choice that leads to a hot tub that is just right for your requirements and choices. Keep in mind, the correct size hot tub will offer many years of relaxation and pleasure for you and your loved ones. 

Extra-Large Vs. Large

The size of a spacious hot tub may differ, but they usually range from seven to eight feet in length, six to seven feet in width, and three to four feet in depth. It's important to note that these measurements may vary depending on the particular model and maker.

The measurements of a jumbo hot tub may differ, but they generally fall between seven and nine feet in length, six to eight feet in width, and three to four feet in depth. Once again, these precise measurements can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. 

Wellis' Best Large Hot Tubs for Sale

#1 The Everest Life Hot Tub

Measuring nearly eight feet wide and eight feet long, with a depth of over three feet, the Everest stands out as one of our largest models. It is the top performer in our high-end range and includes extra control panels, a WiFi SmartPhone app, and Oxygen Therapy. These features are guaranteed to satisfy all bathers, even when the tub is full with five people.

#2 The Olympus Life Hot Tub

The biggest spa we offer, the Olympus model, is over eleven-and-a-half feet in length and almost three-and-a-quarter feet in depth, providing enough space for nine people. This allows for ample room for large gatherings or for giving everyone in the family plenty of space on a quieter night.

Every one of the 88 jets is strategically placed to guarantee the ultimate in relaxation, making it ideal for athletes and anyone else needing a spacious area to unwind or loosen their muscles.

#3 Kilimanjaro Hot Tub

If you desire ample space to unwind in a hot tub but have limited area, consider our Kilimanjaro model. Measuring 7.5 feet in length and width, with a depth just over 3 feet, this model offers the perfect balance of relaxation and space efficiency.

It has earned its rank among the top large hot tubs due to its generous 64 jets, MyMusic™ 2.1 Pop-Up sound system, and comfortable seating for up to six individuals.

FAQ: The Best Large Hot Tubs

What is the largest hot tub size?

Due to variations in hot tub sizes among manufacturers, there isn't a single "biggest" hot tub size available. Nevertheless, the top large hot tubs can often accommodate 8 to 10 or more individuals, with dimensions that may exceed 8 to 9 feet in length and 6 to 7 feet in width.

At Wellis, our Olympus hot tub stands as one of the most spacious luxury hot tubs on the market, offering seating for up to 9 people, including two full-sized loungers. This model also features 88 hydrotherapy jets positioned strategically across its 12-foot length. While we may be biased, we believe this is among the finest large hot tubs available. 

What size hot tub is a “large” hot tub?

Hot tubs designed to accommodate seven to ten individuals are generally classified as large or extra-large. 

How large is a 10-person hot tub? 

Typically, a hot tub for ten people will measure at least eight feet in width and eight feet in length, although it may be larger. It's important to remember that a manufacturer's suggested capacity may not always guarantee a comfortable fit for that number of people. Visiting a showroom to see the product in person and possibly even trying it out with a test soak is a wise decision. 

Conclusion: The Best Large Hot Tubs

If you have your heart set on a large hot tub to complete your ideal backyard, we trust that our guide to the top big hot tubs can assist you in narrowing down your options! With our extensive experience as the leading spa manufacturer in Europe, we have the knowledge and expertise to design the finest large hot tubs available. Bringing our products and manufacturing to the US has allowed us to enhance existing favorites with essential new features, as well as lay the foundation for even more impressive models in the future.

If you have reviewed our guide to the best large hot tubs and still have questions, reach out to our hot tub sales representatives or consult our hot tub buying guide for additional assistance in selecting your hot tub in Raleigh, NC. We are more than happy to walk you through each step of the process and provide detailed information about our inventory, ensuring that you can relax with confidence in your decision. 

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